• Opravenkar


    Repair sheet database for all kind of services (primary for mobile phones).
    functions: print of detailed repair sheet, sort, search, photo catalogue, ...

    Microsoft Jet 4.0 (Win9x/WinNT only)

    version: 1.5 (08/2003); Windows 9x/NT/2k/XP/+ download

  • Autorun


    Autorun program to run executables, associated files or HTML page from CD (in Windows). Instructions for changing CD icon included.

    version: 1.0 (09/2003); Windows 9x/NT/2k/XP/+ download

  • Killer


    Do you need to kill some application before installing new version?

    JanH Killer is ultimate killing software you can find on the net.

    version: 1.0 (11/2003); Windows 9x/NT/2k/XP/+ download

  • ADO Compact


    Small application for compact and correct ADO (Access - *.mdb) database. This is a small and very effective tool for compacting Access databases.

    version: 1.1 (11/2003); Windows 9x/NT/2k/XP/+ download

    sample data file

    Microsoft Jet 4.0 (Win9x/WinNT only)

  • Vitrinek


    Specialized price calculator for stained glass windows, sandblasting and fusing glass made in cooperation with Hlavenka company.

    version: 6.1.1 (07/2004); Windows 9x/NT/2k/XP

  • Tiskon


    Printing database. Store picture details (name, size, type, comment, ...). printing: photos size 10x15cm, 9x13cm and catalogue sheet of Hlavenka company

    functions: search for new photos, automatic insertion of new photos, filtering, printing on filters, ...

    version: 2.1.2 (06/2004); Windows 9x/NT/2k/XP

  • DBF


    DBF and CSV text files editor.

    version: 1.0 (04/2004); Windows 9x/NT/2k/XP

  • Stopky


    Small windows time/money calculator used in net cafe.

    version: 1.0 (03/2004); Windows 9x/NT/2k/XP

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